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Picspam #4 my awesome face

1. Sunday; Dehydrated Goth On Beach (Lipstick Failing). I lost those sunglasses on Monday at the park.

2. Wednesday; Morally Ambiguous Superhero. New sunglasses obtained on Tuesday

3. Thursday; Your New Insect Overlord. Additional new sunglasses obtained on Thursday, the biggest bugface sunglasses I have ever owned. That smile? That is the smile of “I am going to wear these with red lipstick and a maxidress and make a white boy’s boner sad” (see: every “trends guys hate” article in the last 5 years)

4. Saturday; Mohawk with anti-frt fringe. Which is actually kind of pointless, because ears but whatever. Remaining hair is still down to my butt because why not.

Picspam #3

The weather on Wednesday was ambivalent. It was bright and sunny and hot, but with a fierce, freezy wind, so it was actually hot and cold at the same time. The first photo here is the exact moment I was glad I hadn’t bought sandals for beachcobmbing, and had worn 14 hole Dr Martens on every beachwalk. I found a tiny millipede in the skylight of my room and decided to go for another sunset poi walk, this time on the beach. Unfortunately, the ambivalent weather and lackluster sunset turned to rain before I found somewhere good, so I just walked back to Place of Stays practicing stalls.

Thursday, I checked on tiny millipede friend and found that it had gone from its spot in the skylight. I spotted it soon after, on the wall above the kitchen door, so I took it outside where it could be safe and happy and not desiccate to death indoors. I went round the shops and bought a fantastic coat and the biggest bugface sunglasses I have ever owned and a bag with wheels. Never ever travel without wheeled luggage ok, just don’t do it, I don’t care how fabulous that overnight bag is or how convenience that backpack is, if it doesn’t have WHEELS it is garbage. Thursday evening I stayed in and had a pizza, because Friday was Leaving Day and I had to get up and pack all my crap and check out by 10am.

Only thing was, my train didn’t go til 2pm, so I had a couple of hours to wander around dragging my luggage, so I got a bit sentimental and walked down to the promenade and took a last photo of the beach (such as it is). Only got one decent photo from the train. And that’s 2 for 2 holidays in Belfast where I didn’t tour & photograph the murals.

Picspam #2

Monday it rained, I took a small walk round the nice park so I didn’t get too sore from Sunday’s walk, but no photos. Tuesday I woke up at like 4am so I went for a walk down the beach at dawn. I think I passed Luke Evans, or his doppelganger, out jogging. I didn’t stop him to ask, as I said on twitter “Interrupting a doppelganger when it’s jogging is extremely bad luck. Probably.” but also I suspect I probably confused him slightly by being short sighted and trying to figure out why this jogging dude looked familiar, he had this kind of perturbed look by the time he came into proper focus. Anyway, nonhorrible photos of sunrise occurred.

Then I had a nap, because 4am is a stupid time to wake up. The weather cleared up while I was napping so I went for another beachwalk, and got suncreen in my eye and spent two hours crying and pouring eyedrops in my eyes and rinsing my face. I thought at the time that it was saltspray from the beach so I was like FUCK THE BEACH and went to the park to do poi. I found these incredible, tremendously old bracket fungi in a big old tree, these are about the size of a teatray, and then did poi until it was pretty dark, and then the Big Nope Thing Happened, so the first of those two pics is the first one I got and the second one is the one where the face select came up. I just want to stress here, I’ve had this little camera about 2 years and face select doesn’t come up when it’s pointed at a face, ok. But yeah I took the photo before I ran away, because there’s a fine intersection between self preservation + cowardice + curiosity + stupidity.

Picspam #1

On Sunday I went for a walk. I started walking up the beach and just didn’t stop for about 4 hours. On the way I saw all kinds of shit like flowers and bees and a snail and this very excited small dog who was digging and barking and jumping and digging (there wasn’t a corpse or anything, I checked) and rocks and shit just so many rocks is this a beach or a quarry ffs. Eventually I realised I was really dehydrated and had no water, so I cut through the forest park and found a sign for Helen’s Bay train station. I thought well the trains are supposedly on strike but train stations usually have vending machines RIGHT?! No. The trains were not on strike and there was no vending machine, but there was an off license so I got some water there and got a train most of the way back to Place Of Stays, but I was being a little bit followed by an overfriendly old man so I disembarked two stops early and walked up Bangor road, got more water and a snack at the Maxol on the way, and found a nice park. Total time was about 6 hrs.


The Challenge of Ice and Buckets and Water, as a Commissar.

Posted so you can say you witnessed what, in my opinion would be one of the greatest hair flips ever conceived by mankind.

Also, Uniforms.

Impeccable use of Lux Aeterna

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P.S. re: Nope

I did take the photo and I will post it when I get home from this weird little vacation, I didn’t bring my laptop up to Belfast and I can’t get the photos off the camera onto the tablet. There shall be picspam.

Nope nope nope nope nope

Omw back from the park whatever that park is called on Bangor road, where I had been doin poi from a bit before sunset til somewhat after, whatever, I thought the view looked pretty as I passed the old priory so I stopped to take a picture with my crapular point-and-click thingy, it came up interesting with a kind of a red glow over the graveyard so I shuffled around to get a couple from slightly different angles, yanno improving the odds one will come out good because low light makes this thing puke on itself a bit, and then the fuckin face select came up.


So yeah I totally grabbed my bag and ran I’ve seen that movie I know how it ends.

Ok, I stand out. I know it. I’ve had plenty of rubberneckers since I arrived yesterday, it’s standard. But today, as I was heading out, some guy yelled out the window of his car in a high pitched, cackly voice


And I was like “thank you random yelling dude” and walked around with a huge grin for ages because hell the motherfuck yes Elphaba ftw.

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